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Updated: Mar 22

Over my 20+ years of working within companies to make them better, I have learned a lot of lessons, many of them the "hard way". I've worked through very early stage target identification all the way through integration and running the P&L of acquired companies. Maybe I haven't seen "it all", but I've seen a lot, and all from the perspective of the impacted company, not the advisory firm.

Why do acquisitions never seem to work? What seems like a great idea and solid plan often fails to materialize the desired economic and financial results and leaves everyone frustrated, tired and negative. The answer to the question is multi-faceted in that there are many reasons a transaction fails. But it usually comes back to one reason - the misalignment of strategy and actual execution.

That's why I started this company. By understanding the whole continuum of a transaction, from strategy through execution, I provide the opportunity to see around corners. To provide guidance on what happens on "what happens if....". To help ensure that a transaction, either buying or selling, occurs for the right reasons and that you have the right alignment of resources to give your project the greatest chance of success.

Let's talk.

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