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Our Expertise

CorpDev Consulting has the experience to advise and assist in any stage of the M&A transaction.  Whether you are buying or selling, and regardless of where you are in the process, CorpDev Consulting can help.
M&A Strategy & Execution

In the midst of a project?  Contemplating one? We can help you "look around corners" and navigate the process.

Do you have an M&A Strategy?  Or have you been approached by a buyer?  Either way, the time to consider the options and implications is now.

Need some extra advice or guidance on the project?  We can step in and lead or assist your team through the challenges.

Understanding the Toolbox

Some people believe that M&A is a strategy, but in reality, acquisition is only one tool in the corporate growth toolbox.  There are many organic and inorganic options available to you.

How do you think through your options?  Often you have the industry expertise around your Executive table and just need some help framing your alternatives.  And, if M&A is in your future, the framework you build through this process ensures better decisions and execution.

Buy Side / Sell Side

CorpDev Consulting can help whether you are buying, selling or are just exploring options.

On the buy side, in addition to advisory, we can help with all stages, from target identification to integration and can temporarily lead in any areas of staffing shortage.

On the sell side, we can help prepare your organization for a sale, help you prioritize the myriad of decisions coming your way and/or tactically organize a data room.

Change Management
Integration Planning
Fractional Corporate Development Support

One of the most important components of successful transactions, whether buying or selling, is a stakeholder management / communication strategy.

Clearly, employees of your organization are important, but have you thought about the others?  How will you handle customer inquiries? Regulators? The Press?

Let CorpDev Consulting help you to be prepared.

Most transactions fail to deliver shareholder value because integration is not clearly considered at the time of transaction.

Good planning is more than a "toolbox" - it requires judgement and perspective.  Let CorpDev Consulting help your team focus on what is important for business success, and ensure that the tough decisions are escalated at the right time to the right people.

Need support to manage your growth initiatives while you keep your eye on the day-to-day ball?  Need help prioritizing your most important revenue drivers?


We can help ensure that your most valuable human resources have enough time to manage the business while a trusted set of hands seamlessly supports your organization by managing your transaction or other processes.

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