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Corporate development professionals analyzing growth opportunities

CorpDev Consulting is a different kind of M&A Consulting firm.

We are shaped by the knowledge and experience of working inside highly-acquisitive companies, not just consulting to them, so we naturally focus beyond the transaction at hand and consider the full corporate development and growth strategy. 


We understand what it's like to live through the life-cycle of the deal from the perspective of the company doing the acquiring - we're used to "being there" long after the deal is done and we understand what it takes to capture real long-term value from M&A deals.

Our Services

We provide consulting and advisory services and support for Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy, and M&A efforts.  Additionally, we offer a Fractional Corporate Development Officer service, a high value-add offering unique to our firm.

Modern Architecture
If we live by a motto, it's "Ask all the Tough Questions".  It's our job to ensure that the management team, whether acquiring or selling, is aware of the next steps in the journey and feels prepared to take those steps with confidence.
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