Project Samples

Here are a number of ways I have helped companies.  Any of these sound familiar?
Deal Readiness and Strategic Alignment

My client, a business segment of a large financial institution was approached with an unsolicited offer from an unusual acquirer.  CorpDev Consulting provided a strategic analysis of the business, assessed the desirability of the deal and provided internal readiness training and assessment for the team.  Outputs included financial analysis, executive communications and counterparty communications and documentation (LOI, etc.). 

Acquisition End-to-End

As an employee, I have INTERNAL experience at all stages of the deal, which provides continuity to decision-making from end-to-end.  Consider the value of consistent decision-making and reflection from financial modeling / business case assessment, through negotiations, through deal close / conversion and through the standing up / integration of the acquired property.  Make better decisions by seeing the continuum...from the beginning.

Executive Coaching

My client,the CFO of a mid-sized industrial company was looking for some guidance on preparation for a sale process.  We discussed the process, the interests and expectations of the various potential buyers (strategic and PE) and tactics for success in the Management Meetings.  Specific actions included a review of the deal deck, role play and video analysis of presentation skills.

Carve-Out / Divestiture

Transactions aren't all about buying / acquiring.  Determining your optimal strategy can include sales, divestitures and myriad other options.

A previous project included the carve out of a business related to a divestiture.  While the majority of the output centered around a program management approach, setting expectations and leading through issues against a timeline was a critical skill set.

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