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Client Case Studies

CorpDev Consulting can help whether you are buying, selling or are just exploring options.  ​On the buy side, in addition to advisory, we can help with all stages, from target identification to integration.  ​On the sell side, we can help prepare your organization for a sale, help you prioritize the myriad of decisions coming your way and/or tactically organize a data room.


Case Study 1: Assessment of Business Line Expansion Strategy

Our client, a major online Financial Institution, engaged CorpDev Consulting to assess the strategy and plan to launch a new line of business.  We did a full assessment of their strategy, plan, and capabilities, and ultimately the management team decided NOT to proceed due to the higher than expected costs to achieve and increased risk.  Having excellent analysis saves time, money and simply leads to better decision-making. 

Case Study 2: Selection and Alignment of Corporate Growth Initiatives 

Our client, an Atlanta-based Financial Institution, engaged CorpDev Consulting to assist in assessing and bring to decision a number of potential revenue enhancing products.  We reviewed a long list of potential opportunities, eliminated time-wasting "zombies" and proceeded to gain alignment on the best suggestions. 


Case Study 3: Deal Readiness and Strategic Alignment

Our client, a business segment of a large international Financial Institution, was approached with an unsolicited offer from an unusual acquirer.  CorpDev Consulting provided a strategic analysis of the business, assessed the desirability of the deal and provided internal readiness training and assessment for the team. Outputs included financial analysis, executive communications and counterparty communications and documentation. 

Case Study 4: M&A Advisory - Acquisition Support

Our client, a fast-growing technology company engaged CorpDev Consulting to provide deal support on a number of active transactions.  We seamlessly worked with the client on detailed financial modeling, due diligence data room review and target Q&A.  The client was able to prioritize acquisition dollars and pick the appropriate transaction.


Case Study 5: Fractional Corporate Development

Our client, a west-coast healthcare manufacturer engaged CorpDev Consulting to help build out a new Corporate Development capability.  We helped the client with a long list of traditional items, including deal structuring and due diligence, but delivered real value by focusing on corporate readiness to improve the success of the acquisitions.

Good planning is more than a "toolbox" - it requires judgement and perspective.  Let CorpDev Consulting help your team focus on what is important for business success, and ensure that the tough decisions are escalated at the right time to the right people. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create value and ensure strategic alignment!

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